Thursday, June 28, 2007

F. J. & L. Too vs... Chevy's?

Chevy's > Frankie, Johnny and Luigi's Too, and I'll tell you why. People suck. What kind of God complex drives the manager of a 2nd rate Italian restaurant to pull a power trip of such little value? The same kind that gets you burned to a crisp while defending your "ideals" in an FBI standoff.

So manager Koresh was a pain in my balls from the getgo, and i should have picked up on the clues immediately. "You can't sit our party until all 11 of us are there? A number of us will be showing up much later."

"I'm sorry sir, we can't sit you until you're all her."

If you ever here this, simply say "No thanks." If someone running a restaurant thinks they can benefit from having their patrons not ordering drinks and appetizers - so be it. Stupidity is rampant. Let them be stupid and spend your money elsewhere.

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